Tucson plumbers spend day handling frozen pipe ruptures

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Tuesday was a busy day for plumbers around the Old Pueblo.  Customers with frozen and burst pipe lines tied up their phone lines all day.

Before 10 O'clock Tuesday morning, plumbers were running around town fixing problems left over from last nights freeze.

Ben Dorfman from Arizona Professional Plumbing and Joseph Perea from Cummings Plumbing were dealing with broken lines from east to the west of the city Tuesday morning.

Monday nights freeze damaged residents' and businesses' water lines.

"You need to have the lines insulated, all cooler lines need to be drained, so there's not water standing in the line," said Perea.

"When you're gonna shut your cooler down all together, you should drain it out. That way you don't get any freezing off of it," said Dorfman.

Different companies same warning.

It doesn't matter pipes are high off the ground or in the ground.  Pipes taking direct hits from the elements are bound to go if they're not protected.

With another freeze warning, the companies recommend covering exposed pipes with styrofoam lining or even dish towels-- something to keep them warm.