Haz mat situation evacuates businesses in midtown Tucson

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Several businesses and two homes were evacuated Monday morning after an anhydrous ammonia leak was discovered in midtown Tucson.

Employees of the Stock Yard meat packing plant discovered a substance leaking from the ceiling and called authorities.  Tucson Fire officials said the 14 employees fled the business.

"When we arrived we did find some anhydrous ammonia leaking from the ceiling area up high," said Captain Trish Tracy of the Tucson Fire Department.

The Sit  Stay  Play Doggie Daycare across the street from the Stock Yard was also evacuated and inovolved the wrangling of 35 dogs.

"It was a tough task because the dogs started  freaking out running around we had to go wrangle  them up and get them out in an orderly fashion and try to keep them calm," said John Harris from Sit Stay Play Doggie Daycare.

Fire officials say anhydrous ammonia is used as a fertilizer but is toxic and can cause serious injury if inhaled.  One employee of the meat packing plant was treated at the scene, but refused transport to a hospital.

It happened shortly after 11 A.M. Monday.