Thieves take Gilbert woman's dog during robbery

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GILBERT, Ariz. - A Gilbert woman won't be spending Black Friday searching for the best deal, she will be searching for her missing puppy.

Jenna Clark is searching for her dog after she was stolen from her house.

Clark rescued Fenway last spring when the English bulldog was just a couple of months old.

Clark came home from work on Thursday to find her bedroom window shattered and her house ransacked.

Fenway was missing, along with Clark's television, Wii and laptop.

The person or person who robbed Clark left behind a ‘No on Prop 100’ sign.

Prop 100 is the temporary sales hike that voters approved in May to fund education.

Clark is a teacher who avoided lay-off thanks to Prop 100.

“I didn’t know if this person wasn’t happy I retained my job, if they knew it was a slap in the face to a teacher but it seemed like they were trying to tell me that I did something and that's why they did this,” she said.

Fenway is a brown and white English bulldog.

She weighs about 30 pounds and is not wearing a collar.    

If you know anything, give Gilbert police a call.