Thanksgiving travel guide to help save your sanity

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If you're among the millions of Americans traveling this Thanksgiving, you might want to pack a little extra patience.

Stricter rules at airport security checkpoints are certain to mean longer lines and longer waits. Airlines are warning passengers to arrive at the airport as early as possible.

If you're driving instead of flying, you'll want to check the weather and road conditions before you hit the highway.

To help save your sanity, we've compiled a list of 11 links for holiday travelers.

1. Get through security lines faster

2. TSA on new screening rules

3. 3-1-1 for liquid carry-ons

4. Tips for flying with children

5. More helpful hints from the TSA

6. Track flights nationwide

7. St. Louis area weather conditions

8. US weather conditions

9. St. Louis area road conditions

 Safe travels!