22-Year-old ASU student elected to serve on Tolleson school board

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TOLLESON, Ariz. – A young man has been elected to the school board even though he’s not out of school himself.

Steven Chapman, 22, is a senior at Arizona State University but says he is ready to serve on the Tolleson District’s governing board alongside four other members.

One of the school board members has held his seat almost as long as Chapman has been alive.

Chapman has never held political office but he says he’s very determined. He is a full-time political science major at ASU and won a seat on the school board over his opponent in a write-in race by just 24 votes.

He says, “If you're taking it seriously, it doesn't matter how long you've been into it, you can do well. I just graduated from the district in 2006 so four years after I’ve been out of the district I'm coming back to try and help represent it.”

The Tolleson district’s budget is about $1.7 million short of where it was three years ago due to lack of state funding. Chapman says he’s determined to help.

He went to a majority of the school board’s meeting this year to get familiar with them and is planning on taking a training class and budget course as soon as possible.

Chapman admits, “I kind of like the challenge because it's something that I really want to do so I'll do whatever I can to learn everything I need to know so I can make informed decisions.”

A fellow board member says she thinks Chapman will add a lot to the school board and welcomes his ideas.

Chapman will be sworn in on Tuesday before the board meeting.