Did sergeant's death have anything to do with pending indictment?

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Sgt. Sean Drenth By Natalie Rivers Sgt. Sean Drenth By Natalie Rivers

PHOENIX – The chief of police in Phoenix confirmed Friday that the officer who was found dead by the capitol was one of the officers facing an indictment for theft and fraud.

Chief Jack Harris says they are now looking into whether the indictment had anything to do with his death.

Three current officers and one former officer from the South Mountain precinct are facing fraud charges. Sgt. Ben Sywarungsymun, 35, Officer Steven Peck, 40, Officer Aaron Lentz, 30 and former officer George Contreras are accused of accepting up to $16,000 for security work they allegedly did not do.

Sgt. Sean Drenth was found shot with his own shotgun outside his patrol car Oct. 18. He was one of the officers facing an indictment.

Sources within the police department tell 3TV’s Marissa Wingate that Drenth was worried about the possible indictment before his death.

Sgt. Jack Harris says, “He knew he was part of the investigation because all of the employees had been interviewed.”

Investigators are trying to determine if the fraud investigation had anything to do with Drenth’s death.

The three officers who were indicted have been placed on administrative leave.

There are 25 other Phoenix officers still under investigation.