4 Indicted, 30 total Phoenix officers under investigation

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PHOENIX (AP) -- A jury has indicted three current and one former member of the Phoenix Police Department on felony theft charges.

The Arizona Attorney General's Office says the charges are related to money they received for off-duty security work they allegedly never performed.

Former Phoenix Officer George Contreras, 45, was indicted on four felony counts that include fraud, illegal control of an enterprise and theft. He is suspected to be the coordinator of the operation.

The three current members are Sgt. Benjamin Sywarungsymun, 35, Officer Steven Peck, 40, and Officer Aaron Lentz, 30. All three men are facing theft charges

The alleged business that suffered the largest loss was the Cotton Center Townhomes near 44th Street and East Broadway Road in Phoenix.

The work involved a security job contracted with the Phoenix Police Department by three homeowners associations to help reduce crime in an area with a high volume of calls for police service.

Contreras was a Phoenix police officer for 18 years before he resigned in 2008.

The indictment alleges the theft occured from December 2005 through December 2007.

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