Indicted Tucson police officer fired

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After 16 years on the force, a Tucson police officer has been terminated following an indictment involving domestic violence charges.

The case has received a lot of attention, mainly because, the officer recently changed her gender.

Officer Michelle Preiss met with the Tucson Police Department Termination Board Wednesday afternoon and in 15-minutes members of the board came to a decision.

"And after hearing no compelling reasons from officer Preiss as to why she should be retained by the city of Tucson she was terminated effective immediately," said Tucson Police Department Capt. Mike Gillooly.

Preiss had been with the department for 16-years and never had any problems while on the job.

"As long as our employees do the job that they're paid to do and serve the citizens in the most professional manner, that's the only interest we have," said Captain Gillooly.

An incident that happened last year while Preiss was off duty caused interest within TPD.  Preiss was indicted on numerous felony counts for domestic violence, which included the assault of a 15-year-old boy.

Preiss' case has gained a lot of attention because while with TPD Preiss was a woman and went by Michelle Preiss.  Preiss is now a man.  Regardless of sexual orientation, Captain Gillooly says Preiss termination affects everyone.

"We're down over 145 police officers.  The loss of any officer is a blow to not only the police department but the citizens of Tucson," said Gillooly.

Officer Preiss can appeal the termination if found not guilty of the charges against him.