Pet of the Day - Marsha

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4 Years Old,  Pit Bull Mix,  Female

Wise beyond her years, Marsha knows what she needs and wants.  Among her many likes, Marsha appreciates good friends, quality together time, and having a steady supply of treats to keep her tail wagging.  With plenty of potential, tons of focus, and an eagerness to please, Marsha was a clear choice when it came time to select students for Canine College.  Her training sessions have lifted her spirits and provided her with opportunities to shine and grow.  Currently, Marsha is perfecting her basic obedience skills and getting better each and every day at loose leash walking, sitting, and coming when called.  With some extra time, patience and hot dogs (Marsha loves hot dogs!), this girl will be an absolutely perfect companion.  Please get to know this remarkably sweet girl today to discover all that Marsha has to offer!