Controversial alcoholic energy drink tied to Mesa crash

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MESA, Ariz. -- Is an alcoholic energy drink too dangerous to be sold in stores here in Arizona?

Four Loko is being called "blackout in a can" and police are linking the controversial beverage to an accident that's left an 18-year-old Mesa woman with spine injuries.

Four Loko has already been banned in several states.

Mesa police said Lanae Cummins was drinking the alcoholic energy drink on Saturday night before she smashed into a tree, which came down onto a home near Baseline Road and Longmore.

Investigators said Cummins suffered severe spine fractures from the crash and will be in the hospital for several weeks.

There were no skid marks, so police indicated that Cummins might have passed out prior to crashing into the tree and just short of the window where the homeowner’s daughter was sleeping.

No one in the home was hurt.

Detectives say Cummins admitted to drinking Four Loko while playing beer pong. Her blood alcohol level was estimated to be 0.25, but blood tests will confirm her exact BAC.

The beverage is touted as an energy drink but contains 12 percent alcohol or about three times that found in most cans of beer.   

Critics say it's aimed at young drinkers and is very dangerous because the drink has caffeine mixed with alcohol.

The FDA is looking into the legality and safety of Four Loko.

Cummins will face charges when she is released from the hospital.