Neo-Nazi march met by protesters in Phoenix

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PHOENIX -- Members of a neo-Nazi group had to be escorted by police as they marched through downtown Phoenix today on their way to rally in support of anti-immigration efforts. 

Protesters in opposition to the neo-Nazis blocked streets and tried to disrupt the march at a number of points along the way.  Phoenix police officers in riot gear were forced to use pepper spray to disburse the protesters, who were throwing rocks at the marchers and at officers.

The marchers were headed to the Federal Court building at 400 W. Washington Street. Protesters blocked the march route at Jefferson Street at 8th Avenue and refused to leave when ordered to by police.
Police spokesman Sgt. Tommy Thompson said no serious injuries were reported and two individuals were arrested for throwing rocks at officers. They have been identified as 24-year-old Bryan Reavely and 23-year-old Dane Edward Rossman. Both face aggravated assault charges.

In recent years, members of the Neo-Nazi group known as the National Socialist Movement have held a number of marches in Arizona in support of tougher anti-immigration efforts.