Make a 15-bottle riddling wine rack

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1x6x6 (Qty 2)
1x3x8 (Qty 3)
2 1/2-inch Hole Saw Drill press or power drill, clamps, safety eyewear
Hammer and 1 1/4-inch nails or power finish nailer, also with 1 1/4-inch nails
150 grit sandpaper
Stain or paint (desired color)
100-pound OOKS (hanging hardware)
Mirror hanging OOKS

Cut 1x6x6 planks to 36 inches. You should have four planks; use three with these directions

Cut 1x3x8 into 16-inch pieces. You'll need 15 for this 18-by-36-inch wine rack.

On 1x6 planks, measure and mark the center points for the holes to be drilled. Measure 5 inches down from the top, and then 7 inches from that mark, move another 7 inches, until there are five marks for five holes on each plank.

Using drill press and 2 1/-inch hole saw, drill all holes in 1x6 planks at designated center point markings. Be sure to clamp down wood and wear safety eyewear. You may also use a power drill with hole-saw bit to drill holes.

Sand any areas which have loose wood from the cutting.

Stain or paint all planks and wood to desired color.

Place the three 1x6 planks side by side.

Nail 16-inch 1x3 strips across the back of all three planks on each row, covering half of holes.

Nail another row of 1x3 strips on top of first strips, but stagger approx 1/4 inch down from the first strip,

Repeat with third strip, staggering again another 1/4 inch. This will allow the wine bottles to set safely and securely on an angle to keep the cork wet and air out.

Apply one last finish coat of stain or paint, only on the front, if desired.

Attach mirror hanging hooks to back of wine rack.

Place 100-pound OOKs in wall or regular hooks into studs for safety.