Police officer's personal license plate raises concerns

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PHOENIX – A Phoenix police officer is in trouble for his personal license plate.

Police say they saw the license plate when Officer Austin Lewis responded to a crime scene while working off-duty at a nearby QuikTrip and killed a man.

Police say the killing was justified because that suspect had a gun.

The officer-involved shooting took place Oct. 17. Officer Lewis, a 9-year veteran, shot and killed the suspect after police say the man pulled out a gun.

Sgt. Steve Martos, with Phoenix police, says, “That individual failed to obey commands and reached into his waistband where he retrieved a handgun and pointed that handgun at officers.”

The license plate on Lewis’ personal plate read 451 M ALL. In police code, 451 means murder so the plate could be read as “Murder M’All.”

Police would not comment on the officer’s license plate or what it means but say the Professional Standards Bureau is investigating.

Lewis’ frequent partner, Officer Richard Chrisman, was arrested for murder on Oct. 5. He stands accused of murdering an unarmed man in South Phoenix. Both officers work out of the South Mountain precinct.

Lewis did not want to talk to 3TV about his license plate but says they have expired and he has put a different plate on his truck.