Detectives bust human-smuggling ring operating in Phoenix

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PHOENIX -- Detectives in Phoenix busted a huge Guatemala-based human smuggling ring, taking 13 suspects into custody Wednesday morning.

The IIMPACT (Illegal Immigration Prevention & Apprehension Co-op Team) operation involved detectives from the Department of Public Safety, the Phoenix Police Department and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), as well as officers from the Goodyear Police Department.

As part of "Operation Take It to the Bank," detectives served search warrants at four separate locations in the West Valley. In the end, 10 adults and three juveniles were taken into custody. Detectives also seized several vehicles.

IIMPACT commander Capt. Fred Zumbo will release more information about the operation and the suspects later in the day.

IIMPACT is a multi-agency project managed by GIITEM, the state gang task force, that is designed to address rising crime associated with illegal immigration