Family has trouble getting refund after man pre-paid rent for a year but died

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PEORIA - “This was my gift from my father right before he passed and so, you know that we were very close,” Shari Parrott said.

Talking about her late father still brings Shari to tears.

Her dad, Clayton Hanning, died over the summer, three weeks after having heart surgery.

“To lose him in that way was rather a shock that we really weren't expecting,” she said.

Before he passed, Shari's father lived at Sun Grove Senior Living in Peoria.

With such a serious surgery looming, Shari says Clayton prepaid his rent for a year to make things more convenient.

“He knew he was on a fixed income and he wanted to make sure he could stay living on his own,” she said.

He wrote Sun Grove Senior Living a check for more than $18,000.

The lease was supposed to begin August 1, 2010.

“Of course, my father didn't get to take part in that because he passed away on July 27,” Shari said.

But when she tried to get her father's pre-paid rent money back, Shari says she couldn't get a straight answer, so she contacted 3 On Your Side.

“It hurts my heart so bad because my father worked so hard for his money, and now that he's gone, he has no voice,” she said.

Sun Grove Senior Living tells 3 On Your Side its management company, Seniority Inc. is handling Shari's case.

In a statement, Seniority Inc. writes:

"Seniority has been in contact with a member of the Hanning family since August regarding their request for the refund. It is, and always has been our intent to ensure the family receives a refund for the pre-paid lease and that had been communicated to them. Access to capital for Sun Grove has been tied up with processing of the loan when the community was refinanced over two years ago by Red Capital Group. We have been working with Red Capital to get those funds released and are pleased to report that a partial refund check in the amount of $7,000 has been issued and sent to the family. The remainder of the balance will follow soon."

“Within one week we got a letter and a check so I can't say any better things about the help that you guys have given us,” Shari said.

She says having this resolved, even partially, means her father can finally rest in peace.

For that she is very grateful to 3 On Your Side.

“$18,000 is an awful lot of money,” she said. “But, just to receive part of it was a real blessing so thanks to TV-3 we've gotten this far and you've got us a check.”

3 On Your Side will continue to follow this story and update you when the family receives a check for the remaining balance.