Time to see it the right way

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Have you seen what’s happening to college football?  Do you like it?  I don’t, not in the least bit.  It’s this line of thinking that as soon as you are likely eliminated from the potential of playing in the biggest game or games your season is a wash.  I’ve already seen it this season from the Arizona Wildcats, essentially the idea already presented via the media.

Arizona won’t play in the Rose Bowl this year, unless complete craziness happens in the next three weeks, and they won’t be an at large BCS team this year, unless even more craziness goes down.  What concerns me is this attitude that playing in anything less than the “best” and “biggest games” is almost a waste of time after the regular season. 

I work in the media and in recent years they’ve done a great job convincing me that the only game that matters is the one for the title, and everything else is an exhibition game.  True I suppose, but come on people, let’s find a little more deeper meaning than that.

I hate to constantly go back to this, but frankly I’ve not been able to accept it since the day I heard it.  And I won’t mention any names, doesn’t do any good at this point, but to hear players after the Holiday Bowl trip last year say that they were bummed out that they spent Christmas Day in San Diego prepping for the game disgusted me.  What the hell did you sign up for then?  A program that was laughable for nearly a decade is going to throw attitude around like that?  I grew up in Oklahoma and other than professionally I have no allegiance to the University Of Arizona, but that idea thrown around by the players really pissed me off if you want the truth of the matter.

I can’t express enough how dangerous this lining of thinking is for any program around the country.  I’m sorry, but an Arizona player that’s depressed with a (7-2) record at this point needs to check it at the door and get a friggin’ clue.  They have absolutely no right to be bummed about where this program is considering where it was.  Remember?  I don’t think I could find anybody that wants to go back to the less than golden years.

And look, I get it, the media are as responsible for this goofy thought process as much as anybody.  We over hype the hell out of everything and then somehow try to pick up the pieces and make sense of what we thought was going to work.  The media create the “all or nothing” mentality to of course get ratings, sell papers and get subscriptions, that’s the way that part of the game works if you will.  And as we all know players and coaches DO read their own press, they through their teeth when they tell you they don’t!  And all that stuff is, what I believe, responsible for every player, coach and fan out there thinking that anything less than perfection is a colossal disaster.  And this is especially true for Arizona, I just hope everybody that suits up on Saturdays understands how special this season can still be.

Arizona has the prospect, as of today, to go to a very respectable bowl game.  And that means revenue for the program, national exposure, perhaps turning the heads of recruits on the fence and general excitement for a program that continues to need it.  Things are much better inside Arizona Stadium these days, but trust me, there is still a very long way to go!  Bear Down Arizona!