Gold for cash in time for holiday season

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Due to the economy and world market the value of gold is up so now is a great opportunity to sell and make some extra cash for the holidays. This is the year that you won't have to use your credit cards for presents. A small pile of gold jewelry could finance all your gifts and you can pay cash. Gold Stash for Cash makes it easy to sell your gold. You can visit one of their Gold Stash for Cash stores, throw or attend a gold party or conveniently mail in your gold for review. Gold Stash for Cash will buy your gold, platinum, silver, coins, diamonds and even flatware. When in doubt bring it in and Gold Stash for Cash will evaluate it.

Gold Stash for Cash is running a special...come into Christian Taylor Estate & Fine Jewelry located at 7000 E. Shea Blvd., Ste. 150 in Scottsdale and Gold Stash will buy jewelry, and based on preference, you will receive an additional 20% more store credit to buy Pandora jewelry. For example, sell your gold valued at $100, they'll give you the cash, or give you $120 of in-store credit toward Pandora. For more information call 1-877-800-1077 or visit Gold Stash for Cash on-line.