Sun Tran bus kiosks to close; Group fights for provisional ballots; Arizona tourism campaign

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It's soon going to be tougher to get information at the Sun Tran Transit centers.

All three of the information booths will close because of budget cuts. The City of Tucson asked that Sun Tran and Sun Van cut their budget by $600,000. The kiosks at the transit centers offer passengers bus passes and information bus routes.


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A civil rights group is pushing for provisional ballots cast by voters with unconfirmed citizenship status still be processed.

The Mexican-American legal defense and educational fund is asking an appeals court to require that Arizona counties process those ballots.

The group claims at least two legal citizens in Tucson had to cast provisional ballots because they were not on the eligible-voter list.

Last month an appeals court struck down provisions in proposition 200 requiring proof of citizenship for registering to vote.

Secretary of State Ken Bennett says the group's request aims to apply that ruling retroactively.


MSNBC's top cable news personality is back on the air, after serving a short suspension for donating money to congressional candidates from Arizona.

Keith Olberman gave money to democrats Gabrielle Gifford's and Raul Grijalva's campaigns. A violation of MSNBC policy. Some wondered whether Olberman would be fired, but he'll return to his program countdown Tuesday night.


Tourism officials hope Arizona's natural beauty will help lure travelers to the state. This week, the state is launching a $3 million advertising campaign targeting travelers in Los Angeles and Chicago.

Consumers will now see iconic images of the Grand Canyon state on their airline boarding pass and plastered on high-rise buildings.

The Arizona Office of Tourism says for every dollar spent advertising, we get $180 back from tourists.

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