Record breaking matzo ball attempt at Tucson Jewish Food Festival

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Sunday, hundreds turned out to watch a world record in the making. Could a local chef make the largest matzo ball ever?

The Third Annual Jewish Food Festival had the usual good eats, but this year's main attraction, was a big eat.

Executive Chef Jon Wirtis of Shlomo and Vito's restaurant wanted a promotion to get Tucson's attention. He ended up with a huge pot of matzo bread that got the attention of the folks with the Guinness Book of World Records.

"The record is back in New York it's 267 pounds so that's the worlds largest matzo ball right now," said Chef Wirtis.

It took a fork lift to reveal the giant matzo ball and a scale fixed to the crane to read the weight.  Four hundred eighty-eight pounds of cooked dough, well above the old record of only 267 pounds.

Festival visitors were sending their regards to the chef.

"This is the first time i've ever had matzo ball and it's delicious," said festival attendees.  "It's tastes like dough, and soup, and water."

Add a little charity and you've got a sweet deal. Proceeds from admission costs go to several organizations inlcuding the Community Food Bank, to ensure holiday meals for everyone.

"They're working part time or underemployed jobs and they're just not making ends meet," said Kirsten French of the Community Food Bank.  "So we thank everyone who donates to help these families out."

"You know around the table, at home, whether we're out with friends we always have to eat so it's a great thing to share with everybody," said Chef Wirtis.

The chef says the biggest challenge was getting the bread to stick together, so he had to modify his grandmother's old recipe to make a matzo ball of that size.