30 Phoenix police officers under investigation for fraud

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PHOENIX – The chief of police issued a statement following news that dozens of Phoenix police officers are under investigation for fraud.

In the statement, the chief of police says he plans to transfer at least six lieutenants out of the South Mountain precinct.

Police say 30 officers are being investigated for allegedly being paid for off-duty work they allegedly did not perform.

It is expected that dozens of officers could be transferred, lose their jobs or be indicted.

A private company hired off-duty officers to provide security for town homes in south Phoenix. The officers are allowed to take these jobs with approval from the department.

Sgt. Trent Crump explains, “There is a policy that we have in place that governs off-duty work and we periodically audit that and watch the activities of those off-duty jobs.”

A police audit reportedly revealed that the officers never actually patrolled the town homes.

Phoenix officer George Contreras was the person in charge of coordinating off-duty work. He was in charge of assigning officers to private security detail but he quit his position following the fraud allegations.

Sgt. Sean Drenth, who was found dead outside his patrol car in mid-October, was also being investigated in the fraud case. The investigation into Officer Drenth’s death continues.

Contreras posted a message on his Facebook page saying, “A storm is coming. Don’t believe what you see on TV. It isn’t always as it seems.”

It is unclear whether Sgt. Drenth was aware that the Attorney General’s office was finalizing its fraud investigation.