Lower your utility bills with Apple Energy Pros

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PHOENIX -- Would you believe you can lower your utility bill by as much as 40 percent and improve the quality of the air in your home?

"We work with both APS and SRP to do home energy assessment," said Angela Johnson of Apple Energy Pros. "We come out and look at the overall energy that's you're using and how you could improve it."

The team inspects your air condition and its components, ductwork, insulation and building envelop, using blower tests to determine how much air your home is losing and pinpoint the source of the loss.

"We're able to see things that you probably wouldn't even know were there," Johnson explained.

The Apple Energy Pro adviser will also measure your indoor air quality.

"The entire assessment takes about two hours because it's very thorough," Johnson said.

Once they've taken a thorough look at your home, Apple Energy Pros will identify the improvements you can make to save the most energy and reduce your utility bill. They'll also help you take advantage of utility rebates and state and federal tax credits for energy-efficient improvements.

"The $1,500 big federal credit ends Dec. 31," Johnson said. "If you know that you need a new hot-water heater or you need something serviced -- anything that had to do with energy efficiency -- definitely call because once it's gone, it's gone."

With the $99 Apple Energy Pro assessment, APS customers will receive a special gift bag, which includes one low-flow shower head, three low-flow sink aerators and up to 10 CFL energy-efficient light bulbs. That goodie bag is valued at $120.