Save water, save money with colorful desert plants

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Some people think that desert planting can be boring, but that doesn't have to be the case.  Water Use It Wisely has several books on-line to help create a beautiful desert landscape while showing how to save water and ultimately money. Winter is the perfect time for desert plants as it's their time to wake from a hot summer in the Valley. Some examples of desert plants include the Mexican Bush Sage, Shrimp plant and Purple Hot Bush.

When planting desert plants it initially takes more water at the beginning until it can catch up with your landscape. A tip for watering new plants is to take a gallon of water and poke a small hole in the bottom of the gallon and place it near the plant. This way you are giving your new plant one gallon of water without turning on your watering system.  This saves water and ultimately saves money. The general rule is that for every desert plant planted 500 gallons of water is saved each year.  

For more information on desert plants and watering schedules visit Water Use It Wisely on-line.