Online marketing "guru" accused of ripping off customers

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PHOENIX - Chris Morris runs an online business and says the key to being successful is staying ahead of curve.

That's why he says he purchased an online marketing program called IM Warfare.

It was developed by a Valley man named Matt Harward who announced on his blog he'll be sharing closely guarded secrets that have earned him more than $200,000 in internet marketing.

“It was basically private coaching that was going to take us from either a newbie or an intermediate marketer into someone who's more advanced using more advanced tactics,” Chris said.

Larry Brophy also purchased the program.

In all, roughly 300 people worldwide signed up for about a $1,000 each.

But all the customers 3 On Your Side heard from say Harward's promises fell short.

“Whatever he did is morally wrong. It's unfair,” Larry said.

Larry and Chris claim the program got off to a rough start to begin with, and that things only got worse.

They say Harward stopped posting new learning material, that he wasn't participating in live online forums, and that he eventually just disappeared.

“Nobody heard anything from him. He didn't participate in the forums. He didn't respond to emails, he didn't return phone calls,” Larry said.

3 On Your Side spoke with Harward over the phone, who said he'd call us back to set up an interview.

We never heard back, so we caught up with him at his Phoenix home.

He told us he’d been busy, and when we asked about the program, he said he became overwhelmed after hundreds of people signed up.

He says he only expected a few dozen.

“I also want to make it clear, I've learned a lot from this. I won't ever do this this way again,” he said.

Harward maintains there are some people who are using his program successfully.

As for the rest of them?

“There is a small group of people also that have decided that I am the devil and do I like that? No. Does it give me sleepless nights?  Yea, it does. Does it give me heartburn. Yea, it does,” Harward said.

Chris did get his money back.

But, Harward tells 3 On Your Side he will not refund anyone else.

He says his window for a refund has long passed.

He also tells us he is continuing to provide tutorials and content for customers that wasn't expected up front.