Arizona voters pass props 106, 107, 113; Reject props 109, 301 and 302

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Arizona voters passed propsition 106, a constitutional amendment prohibiting forced participation in health care plans.  Opponents to Prop 106 say that it will have no effect since federal law supercedes state law.  Read more.

By passing propsotion 107, voters have given their approval to a measure aimed at ending the concept of affirmative action in Arizona.  Read more.

Voter did not find it necessary to amend the constituion in support of hunting and fishing and rejected proposition 109.  Read more.

Proposition 111 was rejected by Arizona voters who chose to keep the office of secretary of state rather than lieutenant governor.  Read more.

The secret union ballot measure, proposition 113, was passed by Arizona voters, but has no immediate effect.  Read more.

Proposition 301, which would move funds from the conservation land fund to the general fund was soundly rejected by voters, as was proposition 302, which would have eliminated the state's early childhood development and health programs and moved the money to the general fund.  Read more.

The controversial propositon 203 legalizing medical marijuana was nearly even, but was on its way to defeat by the tiniest of margins prior to the completion of ballot counting.  That was also true of proposition 110 relating to the sale of state trust land for the protection of military installations, as well as proposition 112 relating to the change of the initiative filing deadline.

In Pima County Propositions 400, the core tax increase, and 401, making the mayor and council member full-time positions, were defeated.  Proposition 402 allowing TUSD to sell, lease and exhange property was passed by voters.  School bond propsitions 403 and 405 passed while school budget override propositon 404 did not.  School budget override proposition 406 was too close to call, but was shaping up to be defeated by a very narrow margin.  The tax levy override for Mount Lemmon Fire District, Prop 408, passed.  See full Pima County election results.

In Santa Cruz County the City of Nogales overwhelmingly passed proposition 400.  Nogales also elected Arturo Garina as mayor.  See full Santa Cruz County election results.

In Cochise County the City of Bisbee rejected proposition 403 and the City of Sierra Vista rejected proposition 404.  Sierra Vista also elected Rick F.W. Mueller as mayor.  See full Cochise County election results.

 In other results:
Brewer defeats Goddard for governor
Bennet retains secretary of state position
Ducey elected treasurer
Horne becomes new AG
Huppenthal Arizona's new schools chief
Democratic incumbent Representatives Giffords, Grijalva retain position by slim margins
McCain easily wins 5th term - Rodney Glassman talks about his campaign
Republicans pick up two votes in Arizona House delegation

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