Voters say no to naming office lieutenant governor

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PHOENIX (AP) -- There will be no lieutenant governor in Arizona.

Voters rejected Proposition 111, which would have renamed the office of secretary of state to lieutenant governor. It also would have required each political party to have candidates for governor and lieutenant governor run on one ticket and be voted into office together.

That would have prevented someone from one political party replacing one from another, as happened when Republican Jan Brewer moved into the governor's office after Democrat Janet Napolitano resigned to become secretary of homeland security in the Obama administration.

Proponents said renaming the office would make the line of succession clear. Opponents said it could cause problems when a lieutenant governor was overseeing the re-election of the governor.

The measure was proposed by the O'Connor House Project, a yearlong effort by retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor to change the structure of state government.

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