Incumbent Representatives maintain slight lead

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It appears Distict 8 incumbent, Democrat Gabrielle Giffords, would maintain her lead over Republican challenger Jesse Kelly as District 7 incumbent, Democrat Raul Grijalva, grew his slim lead over Republican challenger Ruth McClung.

Governor Jan Brewer was quickly declared the winner over Democratic challenger Terry Goddard.

Arizona voters overwhelmingly rejected Prop 302 to end childhood development and health programs and Prop 301 to end the land conservation fund.  Arizona voters approved Prop 107, the anit-affirmitave action measure, and Prop 113 the secret ballot measure.  Voters said no to renaming the office secretary of state to lieutenant governor with Prop 111.  The controversial medical marijuana proposition, Prop 203, is currently headed for a narrow defeat.

In Pima County Propositions 400, the core tax increase, and 401, making the mayor and council member full-time positions, were headed for defeat.  Proposition 402 allowing TUSD to sell, lease and exhange property was on its way to passing.  School bond propsitions 403 and 405 were on their way to passing while school budget override propositons 404 and 406 were not.  The tax levy override for Mount Lemmon Fire District, Prop 408, was also on its way to passing passing.