Governor's race takes center stage

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PHOENIX -- Among other things Arizona voters will decide today is who will lead the state -- Gov. Jan Brewer or challenger Terry Goddard.

The campaign has been filled with jabs and punches, even though the candidates have only faced off in a single debate.

Brewer had a large lead after signing Senate Bill 1070 into law, but Goddard has closed that gap in the past couple of months.

While on poll shows Brewer's lead to be in the single digits, the most recent numbers from Rasmussen indicate a wide margin of 14 points between the candidates.

Brewer is running for a four-year term after being elevated from secretary of state in January 2009 when Democrat Janet Napolitano resigned to become federal Homeland Security secretary.

Goddard is a former Phoenix mayor now finishing his second term as state attorney general. He ran twice unsuccessfully for governor in the 1990s.

Libertarian Barry Hess and Larry Gist of the Green Party also are on the ballot.