Medical marijuana dispensary prototype if Prop. 203 passes

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PHOENIX – 3TV got a first look at one of the places that will be selling marijuana if voters pass Proposition 203, known as Arizona’s medical marijuana initiative.

The prescribed pot is not for sale just yet, but Alan Sobol says he hopes his store located near Interstate 17 and Bell Road would be the prototype for other dispensaries in the state.

“We want to blend in with the community," Sobol said. "We want it to be a comfortable place, a clinical-based place where people can come here and purchase the medication that they need.”

The dispensary also has a classroom where Sobol said people would be required to take a course on patient responsibility before ever purchasing pot.

If Proposition 203 passes on Tuesday, the dispensary will be one of 120 across the state. The stores would not be allowed to sell medical marijuana for another four months while the Department of Health finalizes rules for operation.

“We have an information center that will provide all kinds of information on how to cook with medical marijuana and how to make other products with it,” Sobol explained.

Michael McMullin, who has an inoperable brain tumor, said he is pushing for passage because he owes his life to medical marijuana.

The 120 dispensaries have not been chosen yet and if Proposition 203 passes, it will be about a year before any marijuana is sold.