Pole impales 14-year-old driver, passenger in Eloy wreck

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ELOY, Ariz. – Two teens were impaled by a pole when a 14-year-old lost control of his mother’s car and crashed into a fence in Eloy.

According to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, Griselda Figueroa of Casa Grande allowed her teenage son and four of his friends – all juveniles – to take her car.

The boy apparently was speeding when he lost control of the 1999 Chrysler LHS sedan and slammed into a fence. A heavy-gauge metal fence pole went through the front of the car and impaled both the 14-year-old driver and teen sitting behind him.

Both teens were air-lifted to St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Investigators on the scene said if the car had hit the fence pole just a few inches toward the center of the vehicle, both teens would have been instantly killed.