Sex offender claims he is a vampire

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MESA, Ariz. - Law enforcement on the hunt for sex offenders around the Halloween holiday came across a convicted child molester who says he’s a vampire. 

A convicted child molester who says he's a vampire has the fangs to prove it.

Officials are on the hunt this weekend for convicted sex offenders who are trying to go under the radar.

Officials say David Gray, 48, of Mesa, sleeps in a coffin, drives a hearse and believes he’s a vampire.

“He had permanent dental implants put into his teeth to appear like fangs,” U.S. Marshal Thomas Henman.

Gray is also a convicted sex offender.

“Mr. Gray was convicted of molesting his girlfriend’s young daughter, did a little bit of time and then sentenced to a lifetime county probation,” Henman said.

Henman said in August, Gray violated his probation, moved and then failed to tell his probation officer.

Officials found Gray yesterday walking at the intersection near 67th Street and Main in mesa.

“At that time they jumped out of their vehicles, ordered them down to the ground and he hissed at the officers,” Henman said.

Gray is just one of 30 sex criminals arrested this past week for various offenses and registration violations.

It's all part of "Operation: Safe Treat" involving a number of statewide agencies and will continue through the weekend.
“During the night of Halloween we ride along with county and federal probation officers while they do their checks on convicted sex offenders who are on supervision to make sure they're not handing out candy to the trick or treaters,” Henman said.
Officials tell me they're going to check up on 400 convicted sex offenders Halloween night who aren't allowed to put out Halloween decorations, answer their door and have to have their lights off.