Why would a grown woman have an affair with a teen?

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PHOENIX -- In the wake of Susan Brock's arrest on charges of child molestation and sexual conduct with a minor, many people are wondering what spawned her alleged actions.

As Dr. Brian Espinoza, a psychiatrist, explained to Javier Soto, there's no one single answer.

"It's multi-factorial," Espinoza said, meaning there could be biological elements, such as depression or bi-polar disorder, psychological elements, including a possible history of abuse or neglect, and social elements like isolation.

"From a broader perspective, we've seen our society change. This type of behavior might ... appear more acceptable in the entertainment industry, in the media and what see and read in the newspapers and on TV," Espinoza said.

Brock, the wife of Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock and mother of three, is being held without bond.