WaterSense: Save water, save money

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WaterSense is a new EPA program similar to energy star. The program deals with water and looking at appliances and technologies that will help us save water. Spokes gal, Flow, has been all around the country reminding people of three things: 1) Check your toilets for leaks, 2) Twist on a new aerator on your faucets, 3) Replace your shower head with a low flow shower head. Saving water is important because water is precious. We get 1% of the world's water to use and we won't be getting more so we need to be careful with it. Plus, as rates continue to grow, saving water also saves you money.

Take the We're for Water Pledge today and look for the WaterSense label when making purchases. Visit www.epa.gov/watersense.com to find more on WaterSense. Visit www.Wateruseitwisely.com/Arizona.com or call 602-957-7323.

About Water - Use It Wisely
Water – Use It Wisely is a multi-media water conservation campaign that started right here in Arizona, and is now nationwide. 15 Valley partners make up regional campaign & include municipalities, water providers & associations.