3M window film reduces sun damage and saves money

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Intellifilm can help reduce energy bills while helping avoid sun damage at your home.  For every 100 square feet of 3M multilayer optical film you use in your home equals to a passive 1 ton air conditioning unit.  This can help cool down your home and save you money. The average home can save up to 30% overall on energy bills.

Window film can also help reduce sun damage to your floors, blinds, area rugs and carpeting. Sometimes the cost of implementing 3M window film is cheaper than having to repair damage to your home and belongings. All 3M window films can also be used in vehicles to avoid the sun and sun damage. 3M makes an invisible film called Crystalline for the car and Prestige for the home. This film is perfect for those that don't like the dark tint look. 

Intellifilm is offering a November special... If you schedule to have your entire house wrapped with 3M’s optical film your car can be done as well with Crystalline for FREE.

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