Halloween tricky treats made easy

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I am not good at crafts, decorating or cooking so this column is for those of us that want quick and easy, but still festive and fun Halloween eats and treats.  And if you are naturally talented at frosting, shaping and baking, feel free to add on to these simple ideas and tell me here in the comments section what you did to make these tricky treats even better!  And watch the segment to see how this ghostly grub is prepared.
Freaky first bites

Edible eyeballs:
Chop one carrot into thick slices.  Place a dollop of cream cheese on each carrot slice and top with a black olive.  So easy!  I found this idea in FamilyFun Magazine.

Freaky fingers:
Cut a mozzarella cheese stick in half.  Using a paring knife, cut a shallow area on the top of the cheese stick to make space for a fingernail.  Fill in the fingernail area with a small slice of green pepper held in place with cream cheese.  Carve lines under the nail area and midway down the cheese to make the horizontal lines that fingers have.  Just look at your own fingers as a model.  Another great idea from FamilyFun Magazine.  Plus I found when you rub the red bell pepper into the finger grooves, it looks like a bloody hand, which is even creepier!

Mummy wraps:
Crowd-pleasing mummy wraps are displayed in a terrific blog called ourbestbites.com.  The site suggests cutting each hot dog in half for bite sized appetizers.  Cut crescent roll dough into thin strips and wrap around hot dogs.  Bake according to crescent package directions and use ketchup or mustard for eyes. So easy and this is one that kids love, too.

Scary skeletons:
Spray Kraft Easy Cheese spread all over a rectangle sized cracker.  Then place a small pretzel on the top for the skeleton head.  Use stick pretzels to fill in the body, arms and legs and one large pretzel for the pelvis.  For added fun, place in small black boxes that look like caskets and say that the cheese are the guts!

Spider cookies
Also from ourbestbites.com is a super easy idea for spider cookies.  Simply place two Red Hots on top of a Halloween Oreo cookie.  This time of year, Oreo makes their cookies with orange filling instead of white frosting.  The Red Hots appear as eyes and then position four strings of licorice so that they poke out of the cookie on either side, which makes spider legs. 

Scary cat cupcakes:
Start with a cupcake that has orange or black frosting.  Slice a red gumdrop into two tiny triangles to make cat ears.  Use two red M&Ms for eyes and one brown M&M for the nose.  Fill in whiskers using licorice strings.  This is one decorative treat that is super for easy for kids to do, too.

Monster mini cakes
I call them mini cakes, but they are simply cupcakes decorated with two cool candies that mimic eyes and tongues.  Walgreens sells Rips bite-size licorice pieces that resemble a green or red tongue and several different varieties of gummy candy that look like eyeballs.

Wicked witch hats
One more that I have to show from ourbestbites.com that a super easy way to make witch hats.  Place a Hershey's Kiss on top of a Keebler Fudge Strip Cookie to create a little hat. Use the little tubes of frosting that is sold in the grocery store baking isle to pipe a ring around the outside of the bottom of the kiss and press onto the cookie. It will squeeze out and make the ring around the kiss. Then pipe on the bow for the perfect little witch hat. 

Special thanks to the wonderful and very talented women, Sara and Kate, who gave me permission to share their cool Halloween themed treats!  Decorating and cooking-challenged gals like me truly appreciate their wonderful website!

Bewitching beverages

For the kids:  Swamp Juice

Similar to the cool Deep Blue Sea drink idea featured in Better Homes and Gardens special Halloween edition, simply fill a fish bowl with blue Gatorade and place gummy worms over the side so they appear to be crawling in the drink.  Use two eyeball gummy drops as eyes placed in the front of the bowl.

For the big kids:  Creepy Creature Martini & the right wine
Party City has the perfect accessories to turn an ordinary red martini into a creepy creature martini.  For the red color, mix equal parts of vodka with Rose's Cocktail Infusions Cranberry Twist Mix and top it off with a splash of ginger ale.  Then add a stir stick made with a gummy worm strung through a toothpick.  Party City had the gummy worms stir sticks and an orange rimming salt sugar mix by Haunting Hour to rim the martini glass for a festive touch. 

For a swampy blue martini try Frightfully Fun Tropical Terror Cocktail Mix that sells at Target complete with orange and yellow gummy worms for a garnish. 

If you like a good red wine that has a creepy label, try Gnarly Head at Target for $8.99 a bottle.  The price is right and the flavor is ghoulishly good.

So now that you've got simple ideas for freaky first bites, tasty treats and bewitched beverages, you are ready to party.  Or bring one or two of these hauntingly easy edibles to the celebration and you will be celebrated for your creepy contributions.  Who says that Halloween is just for kids?!