Police arrest suspect in three burglaries at Phoenix elementary school

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By Natalie Rivers By Natalie Rivers

PHOENIX -- Police have arrested a suspected burglar who hit a Valley school not once, not twice, but three nights in a row.

The suspect was caught at Solano Elementary School, which is located at 15th and Missouri avenues in Phoenix, shortly before 3:00 Friday morning.

According to officers, the school's maintenance director received the alarm call and immediately contacted the police. Three officers responded and spotted Louis Epperson, 21, walking across the playground. That teen was carrying four bags of electronics equipment said one of the responding officers.

Police said Epperson took off running, but the officers were able to catch him after a short chase.

"Now he's going to jail," said one of the officers.

The principal said the windows in several classrooms were broken and glass was everywhere.

"This interrupted instruction for three classrooms full of children for three days," Karen Epps explained.

Investigators are trying to determine if the suspect might have a drug problem. They said it's possible that he might have been stealing the electronic equipment to sell it.

During interviews with police Epperson admitted to all three of the burglaries. At first police believed he was 16, but that was based on false information provided by Epperson during questioning.

During the booking process Epperson's true identity was revealed and he was booked in jail on three counts of burglary and a probation violation.