Local man turns his love of superheroes into a full-time job

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Superheroes are a big part of growing up. 3TV shows you how one Valley man turned his passion for comic books into a full-time job.

“If kids drew stick people, then I drew stick people with knees and elbows,” Adam Street said. “If people drew eyes then I drew eyelashes and that type of thing.”

Street’s love for drawing started at the age of 5.

“I created my own characters at that point and did all of my writing and dialogue and all of that good stuff,” Street said.

Street was such a big superhero fan that he went on to create and even sell his own comic books during his junior high days but this Arizona native's style when it comes to putting things down on paper has definitely come a long way since he was a kid.

“Finally after being in the insurance business for awhile, that's when you realize coloring Captain America is just a little more fun and exciting,” Street said.

While Street’s art has always been a part-time gig, he now does it full-time with a variety of job titles.
“You're part of a production team,” Street said. “You have one person that is the penciler who gets the blank piece of paper and draws everything out. “Someone named the inkier usually fills it out with black ink and the colorist.”

Street is a colorist for Marvel. He's worked on everything from the Spiderman series to Hulk and even Iron Man. He puts in 8 to 12-hour days when working on his Marvel projects. Besides being a colorist, he's also an illustrator.

“I think for me it's been fun to branch out,” Street continued.  “I sell my own sketch books and make posters and things like that. I make money and exposure that way outside of Marvel.”

Street’s even branched out to doing caricatures. One way he gets inspired: people watching.
“I literally stare to see how some people naturally hunch over, have a more flexible spine or they talk with their hands versus the people who don't,” Street said.

So whether they see his art in Marvel comics,  New York’s Times Square or in his own sketch books, Street has some advice for up and coming artists. “You kind of just stay a student, a sponge and you just keep sucking everything up and you continue drawing,” Street said. “As long as you continue drawing, you will always make it.”

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