Save energy, save money

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Apple Energy Pros are offering $99 for an energy audit check-up. The philosophy of Apple Energy Pros is to help people do things energy efficient with little cost out-of-pocket. A detailed two hour audit of your home could save up to 40% on utility bills. The pros from Apple Energy bring $12,000 worth of diagnostic equipment including infrared cameras. Inspections include windows, attic, insulation, blower door test, furnace, water heater and AC unit. On average after an audit it's been reported that the improvements made have saved about $900 annually on utility bills.

Apple Energy Pros is approved by APS, Energy Star, SRP and they're a contractor therefore you pay a fraction of the cost as you would to an un-approved contractor. Plus, there are so many great rebates out to help with cost. One client of Apple Energy Pros paid $510 out of the original $1,800 bill. Now's the time to get energy efficient!  >> Learn more about Apple Energy Pros