Make a mini-marshmallow shooter for your Halloween party

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PHOENIX -- Debbie Hernandez of The Home Depot and her son, Nick, show Kaley O'Kelley how to make a very fun mini-marshmallow shooter. The kids love it. It's perfect for any party! (Safety goggles are a good idea.)

-1/4" pvc pipe, 10' lengths
-(2) Elbows for 1/4" pipe
-(2) Ts for 1/4" pipe
-(2) Caps for 1/4" pipe
-PVC pipe cutter or hacksaw or power saw
-Spray paint and or Glow in the dark paint (optional) -Mini Marshmallows

Cut PVC pipe, the following is for one shooter, multiply for more:
(4) 3"
(2) 5"
(1) 7"

Start with a cap and a 3" piece; add an elbow, add a 5" piece, then a T, 3" piece up, elbow back, 3" piece back also. (This becomes the mouthpiece and marshmallow loader area)

Back to the middle T, add another 5" piece, add the last T, 3" piece down from there and a cap. Finish the shooter off from the last T with the 7" piece.

Push all pieces together tightly.

Paint as desired -- fluorescent, black, camouflage, flourescent paint, etc.

Load a mini marshmallow in the top. Blow through the same piece and away it goes! Be sure to wear safety goggles.

This is an inexpensive, easy, eco-friendly, tasty and fun project that everyone will enjoy.

Halloween Window Decorations/Decals
-Frosty White Contact Paper
-Black Contact Paper or any color your creative mind desires
-Scissors or utility knife
-Templates, stencils or your imagination

Use frosty white for ghosts; use black for bats, etc.

Lay out and cut a few pieces of the contact paper the desired size of your decal.

Draw your desired shape -- ghoat, bat or whatever. Freehand is the best although you can also Google to check out shapes for inspiration

Cut out with scissors or utilit.y knife.

Separate contact paper from backing with two pieces of Scotch tape pressed together, then peeled apart; it is the easiest way.

Place on your windows.

Contact paper is the same color front and back, so you will enjoy the decals from inside and outside.

Removal is a breeze; just peel off contact paper. It should come off quite easily.

Save the backing and you can replace the decals and save them for years to come.