Have a doga day

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Just when you think you've seen it all, something comes along and gives a whole new meaning to "bow-wow-wow" and downward facing dog. It's yoga for dogs, often playfully referred to as Doga. Yes, that's right, this segment puts a whole new twist on yoga for your and your furry family. We are not talking about just a little stretch or a scratch behind the ear. Yoga for dogs is actually a great way to connect with your pet, let them explore movements they already do and helps to calm dogs who may have social or behavioral challenges. Doga is fun, easy, and is a great form of exercise for both you and your dog. This passive style of yoga is a regular part of living "the dogs life." Revered for thousands of years by the ancients as the "mans best friend" and wise enough to be trained to assist in the care of humans, these doga exercises may take you in a whole new direction with your pet. Take a walk to the park, rest and practice some of these doga exercises or practice in the comforts of home. My sweet cocker spanial, Rudy loves Doga and you will notice the calming effect that it has on him as he makes his first cameo appearance here on "Your Life A-Z." You have to see it to believe it. Get ready for the flying dog, the lazy dog, hip opening exercises to support healthy bones, joints and mobilitiy. Your pet appreciates this quality time and attention and I must say, Rudy has come a long way in his ability to trust me as a partner in our yoga poses. Take your time, be safe and always remember as long is you come to your mat with an open heart, you are giving yourself and your best friend the best gift of all: love. Have a doga day, get out and move, stretch and play!