Finding and fixing water leaks

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Water Us It Wisely reports that a simple drip or leak in your house can cause usage of 350 gallons a month. To find a leak at your home the best tool to use is your ears. Walk around the house and listen for drips, then make sure to tighten those up. The second best tool is your water meter. Turn off all water and then go to your meter and look at the red triangle. If the red triangle is spinning you have a leak.

Indoors the biggest culprit is the toilet. To test the toilet take food color or dye tablets and place them in your toilet tank for 15 minutes. If after 15 minutes there's color in your toilet bowl you have a leak.  A leak from a toilet bowl can use 100 gallons of water a day.

It's said that 70% of water usage is used outdoors. The best thing to do to find a leak outdoors is to actually watch your irrigation system running. Do a walk around the yard and look for dark, heavy patches where water might be leaking.

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