Man steals Tucson police car before being shot

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Monday afternoon Tucson police officer were called to a possible carjacking in downtown Tucson.

"There were shots fired there from, as far as we know, from the suspect," said Sgt. Diana Lopez from the Tucson Police Department.

Police say the 34-year-old suspect ran from the scene of the first attempted carjacking near the Ronstadt center downtown to a parking lot at 6th Ave. and 12th St. where he attempted another carjacking.

The suspect got into another altercation and was met by police officers.

According to police the suspect then jumped into a TPD patrol car and attempted to drive away.

But the officer didn't let that happen.  "He left soft bound on 6th, shots were fired, he crashed just down the street here into a Sun Tran bus, he was transported to University Medical Center where he has died," said Sgt. Lopez.

Neither the officer or any of the Sun Tran passengers were hurt.

Two attempted car jackings, an officer involved shooting and a stolen patrol car made it a busy monday for tucson police.

"Very unique we have had officer involved shootings of course in the pass, but this one is very involved we have at least four different scenes detectives have to process many witnesses to interview," said Sgt. Lopez.