Novocur - Pain Pause Technology

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Pain Pause technology is an innovative procedure developed to treat the most hypersensitive patients. Novocur is one pain management facility that uses this technology. Novocur works with a myriad of pain related syndromes including neck pain, lower back pain, headaches, sciatica and fibromyalgia. The Pain Pause technology is needle free using high velocity air to numb the skin. Basically, there is a reservoir of local anesthetic in the nasal and the high velocity air is supersonic by the time it leaves the nasal, driving the anesthetic below the skin surface. According to patients it feels more like a rubber band snap that the usual needle bee sting that burns.

The Pain Pause technology not only benefits the hypersensitive and needle phobic patients it also benefits the average patient as anytime pain can be lessened it's beneficial to everyone.  If you're in chronic pain and need treatment visit Novocur and learn about the Pain Pause technology.