Pregorexia an eating disorder

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Pregorexia is a term coined by the media and not a technical diagnoses. Per Dr. Lesley Williams from Remuda Ranch, Pregorexia is when women engage in eating disorder behaviors to try to control their weight during pregnancy. This poses danger to the health of the baby such as early labor,  a pre-mature baby and low birth weight. While pregnancy can be a happy time some women also have many fears and some of those fears are the change of their bodies during pregnancy including weight gain. Women with Pregorexia may restrict their intake of food, eat minimal calories or partake in purging behaviors. Warning signs include intense concern about their body changing, not gaining enough weight and over-exercising.

If you have a friend or co-worker who may be dealing with Pregorexia the most helpful thing you can offer is communication, per Dr. Lesley Williams. Listen, talk about the issue and being non-judgmental can help talk through the fears. Remuda Ranch offers treatment for Pregorexia for pregnant and new Mom's.

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