Owner rescues kidnapped dog, 2 face theft, extortion charges

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PHOENIX - A Valley family is happy to have their beagle back after the little puppy was held for ransom.

The owners were having trouble getting their missing dog back, but the trouble was not because they didn't know where the puppy was, but because she was being held for ransom.

Bailey disappeared about a month ago. When her owners couldn't find her, they put up fliers.

Then they received a call from a man who claimed to be a police officer suggesting they offer a $5,000 reward.

The man reportedly told them they wouldn't need to put up the money because he'd go in uniform and pick up the dog himself.

But when someone called to say they had found the dog, the man admitted he really wasn't a police officer after all.

The owners took things into their own hands, tracking down the dognappers and taking back Bailey. 

Phoenix police have arrested Juan Flores and Nicole Quiroz on extortion and theft charges. Flores was also booked on possession of drugs, drug paraphernalia and weapons charges.