Chandler 'vampire' victim discusses his ordeal

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CHANDLER, Ariz. – A Chandler man who was stabbed after refusing to let his vampire-obsessed roommates suck his blood shared his story while in jail on unrelated charges.

Robert Maley was homeless before he met Aaron Homer and Amanda Williamson. The couple invited him to move in to their Chandler apartment free of charge.

Shortly after moving in, Maley learned the couple believed they were vampires.

"They said they were vampires and they can't go in the light because they would turn to dust," Maley said.

Initially, he dismissed the behavior of his new friends, saying, "I think they just watched too many ... vampire movies." Then Maley discovered that the couple drank blood and claimed they grew weak without it.

"[Homer] slit his wrist one day and filled up a vial ... so his girlfriend would have some [blood] to drink," Maley recalled.

Maley said the couple tried to drink his girlfriend's blood, so he offered up his own instead.

"I did that willingly, so they wouldn't try to come in my bedroom and do anything stupid," he said.

Maley said last week he and Homer had been drinking when Homer said he wanted to suck more of Maley's blood. This time, Maley refused and a fight ensued. That's when Homer reportedly stabbed Maley.