Community reeling from double homicide in Tucson mobile home park

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A Flowing Wells mobile home park is still reeling from the deaths of two residents, apparently at the hand of someone they invited to live with them.

All is quiet now at the Caresel Ranch Mobile Home Park following a shocking Sunday afternoon.

"Right now we're pretty safe saying, obvious signs of trauma it could be anything from a gun shot to stabbing we're actually till the autopsy," said Dputy Jason Ogan of the Pima County Sheriff's department.

Around 12:30 on Sunday, Pima County sheriffs responded to the 4500 block of Flowing Wells near the corner of Wetmore Road in reference to a check welfare call.

"A check welfare could be anything, a relative calling in, another relative calling in, neighbor calling, we're not sure who actually made the call," said Ogan.

When officers knocked on the door, 36-year-old Roosevelt Williams answered and let the sheriffs come in, where they found the bodies of 51-year-old John Parson and 71-year-old Robert Days.

"He was detained shortly thereafter of finding the two males," said Deputy Ogan.  "He was questioned by homicide investigators and at some point they determined there was probable cause to arrest him for first degree murder."

Managers of the mobile home park say Williams wasn't authorized to be on the property.

They say Williams was supposedly a care taker for the two men who were in a domestic relationship with one another.

Sheriff's detectives are trying to figure out a motive behind the slayings, but so far, are left wondering why this happened.

"Unfortunately, with homicides, it's one of those things that's resally hard to be proactive against, and they can happen anytime and anywhere," said Ogan.

Roosevelt Williams has an outstanding warrant in the state of Minnesota related to car thefts.

Williams had been living with the two men for about a month.