Treating cluster headaches

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Whether you suffer from sinus, stress or migraine headaches AZ Pain Centers can help. According to AZ Pain Centers there are over 150 different types or causes of headaches with the most common being migraines. Migraines skew 75-80% female while a very commonly searched headache known as cluster headache skews 60-70% male.  

Cluster headaches are the 3rd-4th most common searched headache. A cluster headache is when the headaches come in clusters and tend to be located in the eye giving a sharp, stabbing pain. The cluster headaches can occur over a month lasting 15 minutes at a time up to 2-3 hours a time twice a day then they can go away for 6-8 months before occurring again.

AZ Pain Centers has a protocol they follow for all types of headaches and with the cluster headache they like patients to come in as soon as the headaches start. The treatment consists of injections to the back of the head in an effort to cut the episode in half and decrease the intensity and frequency of the headaches.