Identity theft suspects taken into custody at Phoenix meat-packing plant

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PHOENIX - Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies served a search warrant in an identity theft raid in the West Valley early Tuesday morning.

Deputies made several arrests during the raid at Prime Cut Seafood, a meat-packing company located near 31st Avenue and Thomas Road.

This was MCSO’s 39 crime suppression operation.

According to sheriff's officials, after a six-month investigation they suspected the company knowingly hired undocumented immigrants.

Deputies arrested 14 workers, which included five women and nine men, for allegedly using phony IDs to gain employment.

Five of them are suspected of using full identities, including birth certificates, Social Security numbers and names.

In one instance, a 30 year-old woman was using the identity of a 90-year-old woman.

MCSO is expected to be out there throughout the morning conducting its investigation.