New poll shows Goddard gaining support in race for Arizona governor

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PHOENIX - A new poll shows the race for governor may be getting tighter.

For a while, Gov. Jan Brewer has had a commanding double-digit lead in the race, but the latest poll shows her numbers are actually slipping.

The Behavior Research Center conducted a recent telephone poll asking approximately 550 people who they would vote for and among all voters, Brewer now apparently has just a three-point lead over her opponent, Attorney General Terry Goddard.

That gap gets bigger, though, when polling likely voters. There, the incumbent is still enjoying an 11 percent lead.

Compare that to July though when Brewer had a 20-point lead among all voters and that's almost a 50 percent loss of support.

Brewer's camp said they're not worried about this latest poll. What they really look at is the number of likely voters and she still has a double-digit lead over her opponent.

Goddard said the narrowing gap proves his message for change is being heard and he's clearly gaining more support.

Pollsters say Brewer has more support in Maricopa and rural counties while Goddard is getting a surge in Latino interest and gaining votes in Pima County.
The election is on Nov. 2.