Maryvale neighbor on mission to find man who shot pregnant woman

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MARYVALE, Ariz. – A gunman has been on the loose for more than a month after shooting a pregnant woman and at least one neighbor is fighting to make sure the trail does not go cold.

Al de Pascal is a community member with hopes of finding the man believed to have shot the pregnant woman in the head. He is going around the surrounding neighborhoods, putting signs on every pole, tree and fence.

“Neighbors sometimes think nobody cares and I want them to know that this is important," he said. "The shooter is still out there and we intend to find the shooter.”

Police said a man threw a cinder block through the front window of a Maryvale home and opened fire on a family, hitting the pregnant woman in the head. She survived.

“It's a good neighborhood, there's more good people here than bad," de Pascal said. "I just want to let everybody know there are people out here with the Phoenix Police Department and residents that do care.”

Sgt. Steve Martos with the Phoenix Police Department said what de Pascal is doing helps reduce crime.

“When we have members who are going out assisting us, trying to find information for us, find witnesses, things like that, we certainly welcome that," Martos said.

Silent Witness has joined the fight to find the suspect. If you know anything about the shooting, you can remain anonymous and even qualify for a reward for information leading to an arrest.